• 26th February 2018

Not a tongue twister, but a growing market for S&A’s international business in 2018. Over the last few years we have been establishing new supply chains in Asia with our Chilean grown cherries being a key focus. The demand for quality soft fruits in this marketplace is growing rapidly, particularly amongst the Chinese consumer. Interestingly, cherries will be the largest fruit category imported into China this year by value, with Chilean cherries accounting for over 90% of supply!

Chilean cherries have many advantages in the Chinese market. Their season falls just before Chinese New Year which is a major time for gifting fruit as a present and also the Chilean cherry season is  counter-seasonal, meaning we can provide fruit when there are no domestic cherries available. It is well known that red is a very popular colour in China and most consumers prefer darker fruits to lighter fruits. This means that quality is key and supplying large dark fruit is our focus. 

In addition to cherries, S&A is also looking to move into citrus supply to the Chinese market, supplying oranges from our Spanish farms during March-May. This supply is generally fulfilled via Eygpt and the USA but there is a growing demand for our Spanish varieties and this looks set to continue.

Director responsible for our Asian Markets, Oliver Davies says, 

"The growth we are seeing in the Chinese market is extremely positive and we are working hard to ensure we have the highest quality product available at the right time. We are innovating in both our picking and packing processes to make sure we provide premium quality fruit every time.  This attention to detail is helping to increase demand, which is great news.”