• 20th June 2018

At S&A we are very proud of our varied and diverse workforce, who work tirelessly throughout the growing seasons. In these employee focus posts you’ll get to learn more about the people themselves as well as what their roles are about and why they love working for S&A.

This month we are getting to know: Agniete (Agy) Dada.

What is your job?                

HR Assistant (Kent)

When did you start?

14th May, 2018

Favourite sport?

Although I’m not the most sporty person you would ever meet, I really enjoy swimming as well as playing tennis, which I am not really good at. However, I tend to practise more passive sports activities such as pool, bowling, mini golf, etc.

Favourite Food?

I absolutely love food of different kinds. However, Italian (especially pasta dishes) is definitely my favourite.

Best thing about your job at S&A?

I haven’t had much time here yet, but I must say that the team and working environment – both in Marden and Kent - is awesome! Everyone is extremely nice, friendly, helpful, and very supportive.


Travelling is one of my key hobbies. I absolutely enjoy exploring new places and getting to know different people and their cultures. I also love cooking, and as weird as it’s going to sound, I particularly enjoy food shopping – I find it somehow therapeutic.

What is your dream job?

My dream is to progress my career in Human Resources.