S&A’s mission is to be at the forefront of the fresh produce industry in the UK and worldwide, supplying premium quality produce at competitive prices that will delight our customers.​ 

S&A is focused on the continual development of strong relationships directly with each of our customers. Our dynamic sales team strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with the highest standards of service and an efficient, flexible and cost effective supply chain. 

As growers first and foremost we have the expertise and passion for quality and excellence, providing year round supply not only from our own farms but also from our partner growers around the world (using our efficient and effective modern packhouses and our own distribution logistics). We differentiate our offering with carefully selected varieties and  pride ourselves on delivering superior freshness and eating enjoyment through expert handling from grower to customer. All of this is supported by our highly qualified and experienced technical team who use British Quality standards to guarantee a consistently high level of supply.