We recognise our fundamental responsibilities to our environment in minimising the impact we have on the natural landscape.

How We Protect Our Environment

  • We grow using specialised ‘tabletop’ systems to improve water efficiencies and targeted plant nutrition in irrigation water.

  • We protect crops with an advanced polythene tunnel design to increase plant yield of first-class fruit, minimising wastage. Tunnels also reduce the risk of pest and disease.

  • We create a growing microclimate to enable the primary use of beneficial predators to control insect pests to minimise the use of pesticides.

  • We select strawberry cultivars that are naturally more tolerant to pest and diseases issues, without compromising on product quality.

  • We identify new markets for substandard graded fruit in alternative product formats (e.g. pureed or quick frozen) or anaerobic digesters to generate energy.

  • We recycle or reuse on-farm waste materials.

  • We identify and manage wildlife habitats to encourage species diversity on the farms, including an SSSI on our Kent farm.

  • We plant seed crops specifically to encourage and feed wild bird, and new hedgerows to create wildlife corridors.

  • We use wood biomass burners to generate heat, as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Please view our Environmental policy here and Conservation policy here