Sweet and rich in flavour, it’s no surprise that the blueberry is fast becoming almost as popular as the strawberry.

Our blueberries are grown on our farm in Herefordshire, as well as on farms in Chile, Argentina, Spain and Poland.

A handful of fresh blueberries can liven up any breakfast and makes a tasty snack. Take a look at some of our favourite blueberry recipes.   

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1

You can freeze Blueberries and they’ll still retain all their antioxidant properties. Perfect for adding still-frozen to your morning porridge!

Fun Fact #2

Native Americans called Blueberries ‘star berries’, because the five points of the Blueberry blossom makes them look like stars.

Fun Fact #3

Everyone knows Blueberries are great for humans, but did you know you can freeze them and give them to dogs as a crunchy, healthy treat?

Fun Fact #4

Doing some DIY this weekend? Try mixing Blueberries with boiling milk to make grey paint, like American colonists!

Fun Fact #5

Blueberries are one of the few natural foods that are truly blue in colour. Can you think of any others?

Fun Fact #6

Blueberries increase the brain’s production of feel-good dopamine – a natural neurotransmitter that makes you cheerful!

Care and Handling

  • For maximum freshness, please keep your blueberries refrigerated after purchase and away from sources of moisture and direct sunlight, however the berries should be washed just before eating.
  • To enjoy the full flavour, it is best to let the berries warm to room temperature.
  • For home freezing, gently wash the berries in cold water & pat dry with paper towel. Spread the berries out in a single layer on a tray, place in the freezer. Once frozen the berries can be tipped into airtight containers before returning to the freezer.