• 10th April 2017

The S&A asparagus growing team is expecting a strong 2017 harvest with a predicted crop of 250 tonnes to be picked across the UK season. Current indicators are that the first variety, Gijnilm, will be ready to pick on time for the official start of the asparagus season on St George’s Day. The crop forecast is based on an exceptional growing season in the autumn of 2016 which saw very healthy fern development.

The crops this year will come from Kings Caple in Herefordshire, where the asparagus benefits from south facing slopes and light soil covering 70 hectares.

S&A is also trialing new and innovative asparagus varieties this season, including a completely purple asparagus and a bright green variety. Both will be sold to the foodservice sector to meet the ongoing demand for new and interesting vegetable varieties.

For press enquiries, please contact Mrs Jude Norcott: 01432 880235.